18 Maggio 2024


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wines tasting
16-01-2024 13:37 - News
possibility of tasting Tuscan wines in different locations
San Rossore natural park
16-01-2024 13:36 - News
- possibility of a day inside the natural park of San Rossore (Pisa) with excursion in a carriage, lunch and other activities
catering service
16-01-2024 13:35 - News
Catering service to be able to enjoy a good dinner at home with good chefs ready to cook for you
how to find truffles
16-01-2024 13:28 - News
possibility of having a research experience in the territory of truffle (our area is very famous for this) and a tasting of truffle-based products
[massaggi a podere settefrati]
relaxing massages
15-06-2021 16:41 - News
At Podere Settefrati we care about the well being of our guests We are committed to providing increasingly specific services aimed at the well-being of the person.
Our holistic relaxing treatments provide the ultimate pamparing experience.
We’ll make sure your time with us is relaxing and rewardin...
Dog breeding area in Montaione
28-02-2015 10:14 Source: info byl Comune di Montaione - News
Montaione inaugurated the area of ​​dog breeding

On 28 February at 12.15, the so-called "dog breeding area" was inaugurated at the Almonds Park. The area lies precisely behind the tent of the old tennis court. Mayor Paolo Pomponi, with our parish priest Luigi Campinoti and some councilors and coun...
webcam on Montaione
18-11-2014 15:33 Source: info by comune di Montaione - News
A webcam on Montaione

Thanks to the collaboration between La Racchetta Antincendio (www.laracchetta.it) and the Municipality of Montaione, the first (and beautiful) high definition webcam is born with an eye on our capital. The webcam displays every minute the image of Montaione seen from Poggio a...
Hydromassage pool
01-07-2014 14:21 - News
Podere settefrati has expanded its structure of a hydromassage pool

And after the bath ... whirlpool
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