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Dog breeding area in Montaione

28-02-2015 10:14 - News
Montaione inaugurated the area of ​​dog breeding

On 28 February at 12.15, the so-called "dog breeding area" was inaugurated at the Almonds Park. The area lies precisely behind the tent of the old tennis court. Mayor Paolo Pomponi, with our parish priest Luigi Campinoti and some councilors and councilors, officially inaugurated the area with a brief note of what will be other future interventions to "return the park" to Montaionesi. IMG_5336Pomping the area dedicated to our animal friends, Pomponi introduced it as a work that Montaione felt was the need and that was quickly obtained with the collaboration of workers and municipal means.

The area is easily reached by La Perla, through a downhill, short and clean path. It is enclosed and enclosed by a gate that is always open. Inside the area there are two benches, a water fountain and a basket. There is currently no coffee table that might complete the work, but this will come in the future. Outside, however, is the regulation that, even without reading it, is based on basic education rules such as collecting the faeces of your dog and prohibiting access to ferocious dogs that could harm other animals or their masters.

Illumination is carried out with automatic ignition lamps; Our mayor stressed that the area is not currently guarded by police or carabinieri and that is aimed at the education already cited for compliance with the regulation but still there are video surveillance cameras punctually reported. IMG_5331-1This is not because you want to create a sort of "Big Brother" but rather as a deterrent, as the area has unfortunately been the subject of numerous vandalist acts.

Source: info byl Comune di Montaione

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