31 Gennaio 2023
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Volterra, a "magic and mysterious" city, has its roots in three thousand years of history. Traces and testimonies can be found every time, which have contributed to making it unique in the panorama of the art cities. Of the Etruscan period remain the wall, the imposing Porta all´Arco, the necropolis of the Marmini and the numerous archaeological finds preserved in the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum, from the Shadow of the Evening, with its unique profile, cinerary urns, finely crafted jewels .
The craftsmanship of the abbeur, too, which has interwoven its history with that of the city, is another point of considerable interest. And by visiting the numerous exhibitions or by exploring the craft shops around the city you will be able to breathe a bit of that magical atmosphere surrounding Volterra.

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