31 Gennaio 2023
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The "Garden Beneath Vico"

Interesting places
"We learn to accept differences
and live in harmony thanks
to our observation and
knowledge of the laws of nature."

The "Garden Beneath Vico" came into
being when a group of local people
decided to create, just outside the town
centre of Vico d´Elsa, a small botanical
garden. With the passage of time, the
interest and enthusiasm for this
initiative grew: the small nucleus of
supporters increased, growing into the
Cultural Association of ´The Garden
Beneath Vico´. The initial project has
expanded, both in extent and content. That which was initially
intended only as a chance to reclaim and add value to an
unknown and disused plot of land, transforming it into an area
managed and equipped for the use of local families, has ended
up as a complex and ambitious organic work of art

What is being created here is a place where everyone can go to learn, to relax, to meet or just to
wander through. In these surroundings the plants and the foliage play a fundamental role,
offering the opportunity to improve both the physical and psychological health of the individual.
The therapeutic effects of contact with nature and contemplation of green spaces are by now well
known to all.
It is important to emphasise the social aspect that brings the entire project alive. The paths and
approaches to the various structures and facilities have been carefully thought out, to the point
where every type of man-made barrier has been removed for the benefit of the less able-bodied.
The play area for children has also been planned to take into account those with special needs.
For the future we are planning global language laboratories (Stefania Guerra Lisi method) and therapeutic activities
which, in creating an active bond with nature, can improve personal wellbeing (garden therapy).
The final objectives are to improve the so-called ´social lap´, in other words, to allow the disadvantaged the opportunity to
play a dignified role in the running of the place and to contribute to the development and maintenance of healthy personal
growth from children upwards.

The garden will be divided into five areas
corresponding to the five human senses. A 200
sq m greenhouse is already in place housing
an extensive collection of cacti, many of them
rare. This space provides a welcoming and
comfortable place where people can meet and
where the appreciation of the personal creative
spirit overcomes individual differences, through
freedom of expression. This is a place of
learning, therapy, meeting and exploration for
children, adults old and young and schools,
both special and mainstream.
Because, ultimately, our quality of life and
relationship with nature is central to all and
every one of us.

The garden is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
from 9.00 - 12 .00 in the morning and 15.00 - 20.00 in the evening.
The garden may be visited any other time by appointment, on calling this number:
331 4048373

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